Monday, July 15, 2013

KWC Final Performance!

After a week of practicing it was time to put on the production of Home Sweet Home!!  Finley and Breslyn were super excited...btw...I forgot to mention that my little man had MULTIPLE lines this year!!  I was so proud of him!!  They weren't easy lines either.  For example:

I'm sick and tired of Texas
And all it's sorry soil
I drill and drill for water
And don't get nothin' but oil!!


And a tourniquet in case of rattlesnake bites!

B had a line too!  It was little, but I taught her how to say it with gusto!!  I wish I could have recorded her saying it!!  Her line was, "I smelled it too!!  Picture her swinging her arm, and yelling with a thick Texan accent!!

Here are pics from their big performance...or rather before and after, since we couldn't take pictures during the play!

This was Breslyn's "sparkie"....Turtle!!  She was very sweet and took great care of B!

 This was Finn's "sparkie"...Grace!  They both love Lego's, and they bonded immediately!

And Donny...Finn's absolute FAVORITE leader!!

Backstage after the performance, the group leaders gave each camper a small treat, and each camper gave their sparkie a small treat!!  Such fun...and craziness!!  

Our favorite people came to see our favorite people!!  Gaga (who also worked on the music at the camp this year), Memaw, Papaw, Grandma and Grandpa!!

Mrs. Deborah Jung with the kids!!

And Mrs. Kate Lovelady posing with the stinkers!!

I'm so proud of both of them for doing such a great job!!

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