Monday, July 8, 2013

Beach Pics!!

I just finished editing my family pics from our beach vacation!!  I love some...I'm disappointed in some...not one "really good" family pic {stupid wind}. :(  But that's okay...I'm still so glad we took the time to take them!

I ADORE the pictures of my mom and dad...SO MUCH!!  They are so beautiful!

I love this man so much...what a handsome devil in his newly-grown temporary beard!!

And my Grandma....stunning!!!  I love her!

We all had such a good time on this beach...right there where we are standing...sand castles were built, skin was tanned, laughs were heard and love was shown!!  My family is the best. :)


  1. Love them all. Can't wait for you to take my girl's pictures!

  2. Beautiful!!!! What memories you made!:)) LOVE YOU!