Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pixies and Pirates KWC 2013

During the week of KWC camp we are invited to come watch a sneak peek at one of the songs the kids will perform at the end of the week.  This performance always happens on Wednesday...after we watch them perform and hear from the founder of KWC we all have a sweet little lunch together!!  This day the kids dressed up as Pirates and Pixies!!  

Founder, Deborah Jung, always tells the kids stories of her Grandma...the kids listen intently and love Mrs. Jung's facial expressions and movements!!

Time for the Hope Luncheon!!!  B with Taylor...her FAVORITE leader!!!  Taylor is very talented and super cute!!

Finn with his FAVORITE leader...Donny!!  Donny is such a sweet guy and really pays attention to Finley..makes my heart happy!

My little Pirate, sans the rest of his garb...and my precious pixie, sideways wings and all!!

I had a blast watching them perform and getting to help set up for the luncheon!  What a great day!

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