Saturday, July 4, 2015

May 2015

May was a SUPER busy month....

*At the end of April Owen asked Jesus into his heart!!!  Best decision EVER!!
*May 2nd I did a senior photo shoot with our youth director's son, James.  I really enjoyed his laid back personality....and willingness to do just about anything I asked of him!! :)
*Boys being crazy before school.
*Finally took some pics of Breslyn and Owen's gallery wall.
*Prepping jars with candy for Teacher Appreciation Week!!
*Finn and I went on a run.  He is fast, but he burns out easily!!  Ha!
*May 7th we celebrated Mother's Day at work...Owen made precious gifts for me and sang a cute song.
*The next two nights we had ballet rehearsal....preparing for the big performance...which I don't have a pic of on this collage...I will do a full post on it later!
*May 12th was Haley's went well, she was a hilarious patient and I have videos to prove it!!  Hahaha!
*May 13th B had her ballet end of year with Mrs. Jo and Ms. Leslie.
*That Friday my friend Jerri and I began shopping to re-decorate the women's bathroom at church.  We shopped at Hob Lob for fabrics....and they had a sale on sleepy little boys (can you see him?).
*That weekend while I was over at my parents house picking up the littles, I started picking at their wallpaper and started to reveal SHIPLAP (which they already knew was there)...holy FIXER UPPER!!  Joanna Gaines would be excited for this remodel for sure!!
*Joey and I began seriously discussing selling our house and buying a new one.
*The next week at school we had the Kona Ice truck come to school...too much sugar and funny co-workers lead to some funny selfies!!
*Wed night the 22nd was the awards ceremony for Olympians and Gopher buddies at church.  Both B and Finley were asked to lead everyone in verses they had learned this year.
*Thursday was Aidan's award ceremony as well as Owen's preschool graduation!!  What?  How is my littlest going into Kinder this fall?!!
*A snapshot of part of the bathroom remodel at church!!  I'm happy with how it turned out.:))
*Memorial Day we took B to the American Girl Doll store for her birthday!!!  We ALL had fun!!  Isabelle had her hair fixed, we ate at the bistro and we shopped till we dropped!
*Aidan was in San Diego for a basketball tournament...and he sent us this goofy picture from the beach!  Love him!
*Finley's 3rd grade awards ceremony was very nice and very QUICK!  He had another great year.
*Wednesday the 29th was B's actual birthday and of course we celebrated with DONUTS!!
*Friday Haley and I had a photo shoot for our biz and then we set out for Canton!!  Another post with all the hairy details coming soon!!
*We celebrated B's family dinner at Chili's...AND the waitstaff sang to her!!  She loved it and all the presents!! :)  Happy 7th Birthday baby girl!
*ANNNND...we made the decision to sell our house and buy in a new neighborhood.  The house will have enough bedrooms for everyone!!  Whoop!!

Friday, July 3, 2015

April 2015

Goodness....trying to do a little bit of catch-up!!  
That will probably never happen, but I'll do my best!

*The beginning of the month was my annual Canton Birthday Trip with my parents and B!!  We had a lot of fun...even with my mom having "some pain" in her side and a "form" of the flu.  Hmmm.
*That Sunday was Easter...more on that HERE!!
*We also celebrated my Grandma's birthday Sunday!!  Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?!  I love her to pieces!
*Then we celebrated Owen's birthday for.a.WHOLE.week!!  First off donuts for his actual bday...then his party was with his two best friends, Caden and Keegan.  They played at Flight Deck and by the end they were ridiculously stinky and sweaty!!  Ha!  Then we celebrated as a family at Mexican Inn.  Not 10 minutes after we got in the car from dinner he was planning his 6th birthday!  Ugh!!! :)

* April consisted of a LOT of focusing on ballet!!  B's class went out and took a pic of their class in Mrs. Jo's beautiful garden.  
*Soooo back to my mom and her "pain" and "flu"....not exactly what she had.  She had an abccess on her liver most likely from an infected root canal.  She was hospitalized and continued to be extremely ill for a LONG time.  We went and visited her at the hospital.  It was so difficult seeing her so sick, but thankful that she went in to the ER and eventually had a diagnosis. 
*While B was at ballet practice I walked/ran on Mrs. Jo's property...prepping for the next 5K.
*Joey suprised me and took me to a hotel for my birthday.  He has always been so thoughtful and loves a good hotel!! Ha!  We had a very nice, quick getaway.  
*The next day we visited Bill at his rehab facility!  He looked GREAT!!!  He cried sweet big man tears as we walked in.  It hurts my heart to see him cry, but I see where Joey gets his sensitive side from.:)
*That afternoon we went to my friend Julie's house to celebrate her daughter's 1st birthday!!  What a blessing and amazing to see God's hand in their family.  
*That Sunday Ashlee and I went to get pedicures and eat to celebrate our birthdays!  
*The following Monday I took Lulu into get groomed...and she came out ADORABLE!!!  Loved her precious little bows.  
*That week I went to Haley's and dyed her didn't exactly turn out the shade she wanted.  But it was beautiful!!  She looks great as a redhead!!
*Saturday the 25th was my next 5K- Color Me Rad!  And I had a wonderful time!!  So thankful for great friends pushing me to follow my heart and just go for it!!  Love you Traci!  
*And finally I ended the month joining Haley for her MRI...we are goofballs, and can even have fun while waiting to find out difficult news about her future!  Dramatic, eh?  :)  For more on the outcome go HERE.  It was very difficult watching her go through this, all the loud noises...I just sat flipping through a magazine praying she would be ok.  

Now..on to May!!;)


Long time, no post.  Life has been crazy busy....many good times and sadly, quite a bit of bad.  Hopefully I can get in a few posts before I have to pack my computer up...more details later!!  But for now I want to focus on my friend Haley.  

I will be talking a lot about her over the next few posts...and I wish it was to discuss our new business venture, our crazy kiddos, even just our friendship.  Unfortunately, those things pale in comparison to what she has been going through.  Without sharing every personal detail...her doctors discovered a lump in her uterus.  Weeks later...multiple doctor appointments, blood draws, MRIs, blood transfusions, prayers and surgery it was determined she had uterine cancer.  But PRAISE THE LORD it was all encompassed in the uterus!!! 

For a few weeks (6) she returned to her new normal life....moving into a beautiful new house with her husband and 4 precious kids, planning a future in real estate and enjoying life.  

Then she returned to her doctor for a check up and it was discovered that she has a new lump.  It is cancer....again.  But this time, no surgery and she will begin oral chemo.  I know she is scared.  She trusts in the Lord to provide for every need, to bring her peace in a time when she needs it the most.  

Haley is an incredibly strong woman, passionate about Christ and life.  Please pray that she will kick cancer's butt, that she will handle chemo well, that her kids will trust God to heal her and that she will ask for help when she needs it...she might be a little lot TONS stubborn!!