Friday, July 3, 2015


Long time, no post.  Life has been crazy busy....many good times and sadly, quite a bit of bad.  Hopefully I can get in a few posts before I have to pack my computer up...more details later!!  But for now I want to focus on my friend Haley.  

I will be talking a lot about her over the next few posts...and I wish it was to discuss our new business venture, our crazy kiddos, even just our friendship.  Unfortunately, those things pale in comparison to what she has been going through.  Without sharing every personal detail...her doctors discovered a lump in her uterus.  Weeks later...multiple doctor appointments, blood draws, MRIs, blood transfusions, prayers and surgery it was determined she had uterine cancer.  But PRAISE THE LORD it was all encompassed in the uterus!!! 

For a few weeks (6) she returned to her new normal life....moving into a beautiful new house with her husband and 4 precious kids, planning a future in real estate and enjoying life.  

Then she returned to her doctor for a check up and it was discovered that she has a new lump.  It is cancer....again.  But this time, no surgery and she will begin oral chemo.  I know she is scared.  She trusts in the Lord to provide for every need, to bring her peace in a time when she needs it the most.  

Haley is an incredibly strong woman, passionate about Christ and life.  Please pray that she will kick cancer's butt, that she will handle chemo well, that her kids will trust God to heal her and that she will ask for help when she needs it...she might be a little lot TONS stubborn!!  


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