Saturday, May 2, 2015

Color Me Rad 5K

Last weekend I participated in a Color Me Rad 5k and it was awesome!!  Who doesn't like running in the heat, being sprayed with cold gel and being slapped with colored cornstarch?

From left to right...Reagann (she's our babysitter and she is awesome!), Traci (my favorite person to sing with at church and Reagann's momma), me and Mallory (Reagann's super cute friend---and she's French!!).  I'm so thankful Traci and I talked about this run and agreed to do it.  I don't think I would've done it on my own.  

This was the guy in charge...and he was a hoot!!  

There was dance competition going on...and I realized I went to school with this girl!!  
She was partying it up on the stage.

 Then the powder started to fly...and we were covered in no time!!!  It's not so great in your mouth though!!

After the "pep rally" we headed over to the starting line!!!  Eeek!  

ANDDDD the after!!!  I had color from head to toe!!  

I took a picture of the girls with their RAD tattoos!!!  

Yeah..a week later and my tennis shoes look the same...yikes!!

We had so much fun...Thanks Traci, Reagann and Mallory for a great time!!  We should do it again soon!!! :)  

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  1. It was such fun! And since you wrote first, I can just link to your blog and be done! YAY!