Friday, June 29, 2012

Breslyn's "Vintage Inspired" Bedroom!

Well, I have been promising for months weeks that I would post about my daughter's bedroom.  I've completely almost finished every detail in her "vintage inspired" room!!!  I've worked VERY hard, scrutinizing every detail and it would kill me if no one liked it!!  Ha!  For real!  But honestly, I love it and most importantly my sweet B likes it!!  I guess that is really all that matters! :)  I truly hope you enjoy the million pics!!

This view is looking in from the hall {technically the foyer...we have a 3 bedroom house with an office.  We have a million kids, so the office became a bedroom.  Unfortunately it does not have a closet, so you will see what we've done to remedy that problem.}...

And the other side of the room...I cannot take credit for the amazing curtains.  I had the idea, but my awesomely talented mom made them!!!  They are probably my absolute favorite part of the room!

I struggled for a long time deciding what to put on this wall!  I knew what I wanted, but placing it all up there was very overwhelming!  My poor bff kept encouraging me...she gave me lots of suggestions, but I just kept avoiding this wall!!  But once I finally made my decisions there was no stopping me!!  Ha!  I made the pennants with leftover material from the!  The letter B was a gift from my momma the day Breslyn was sweet!

 This is a SPECIAL TREASURE....this green box was my great grandmothers.  And it holds some priceless possessions....most of which belonged to my great grandmother!!!  I cry just thinking about them...a beautiful script letter "L" pin, a pearl necklace, a diamond pin, a few other trinkets and one of her small coin purses.  It also holds Breslyn's first paci and very first bracelet. 

 And probably my second favorite piece in the great grandma's antique dresser {which you can read about here}.

I'm a little bit in LOVE with vintage towels, napkins, cloths...and I just started collecting them!!  I believe I am gonna have to search every single antique store I go to from now on!! :))

These pillows were my very first purchase on my quest to re-do B's room.  I love them so much...even if the one on the right has my least favorite color in it {purple}!!  

And here is the solution to being without a closet....a big armoire!!  Haha!  The large letter B is wrapped in dark purple yarn.  And that was a BEATING!!  It took forever and I will never do that again!!  I do love the way it looks, but still...what a beating!  The poufs are from her Pinkalicious birthday party a few weeks ago.  I haven't decided to keep them there, hang them from the ceiling or just put them away {for other birthday parties}.  Suggestions?  

I painted the inside yellow...and love it!  It really brightened up the inside...

I personalized the plain white lamp with leftover material from the curtains.  

Every girl needs dress-up clothes...and dress-up shoes, and purses, and tiaras, bracelets, wands and scarves!!  

And to make sure every outfit, shoe, tiara, scarf and purse are in the perfect place you need a mirror!!  And let me tell you, she loves looking at herself!!  Hahaha!!  

And Miss. B's kitchen...she loves it (so does her little bro Owen!)!  It is never this, plates, cups are always thrown everywhere!!  Love the little vintage plates...hoping they never get taken off the wall and played with...hahaha!!

And another view of the curtains!!!  They are SUPER I will have to replace the curtain rod....which we've actually already done.  Well, they were ordered {thanks Grandma!!}, they arrived, we went to put them up and they didn't come with hardware...grr!!  So we are on hold for right now!  But take my word....they are gorgeous! 

Up close view...don't look at the scuffed trim!!  Teehee!!

My first attempt at making a chalkboard...and I love it!  It's made from an old cabinet door.  You can't really tell from the picture but it has a bit of yellow coming through!!  And below the chalkboard are two plant holders.  I purchased them from Hope Depot, spray painted them and screwed them in the wall...easy peasy.  However, I must honestly say although they are super cute, they aren't practical. :(  The toys slip through the cracks.  But it holds books and bigger toys well.  It also displays more vintage cloths!

Ooooo and I am so excited about this piece!  This was from an old house in the area.  My bff and I have an inside joke about this particular object.  She bought some old wooden scraps from a warehouse and the sweet old man that ran it had a bit of an accent...he kept referring to a piece similar to this one as "windermouldin"...she finally translated that to "window molding"!!!  Hahaha!!  I adore Breslyn's windermouldin!!  :)

One last peek at the curtains...and an up close view of her bedskirt.  She had a cheap white Walmart bedskirt, and I had plans to add material to that....however, during my recent trip to Canton I came across a booth that sold vintage EVERYTHING!  Well, I found this beautiful green quilt to use as a replacement for her bedskirt!  I love it so very much...the pom-poms are adorable!!

I so hope you have enjoyed the tour!!  Sorry it was jam-packed with pictures!!

Transportation Bedroom

I've already shared Breslyn's Vintage inspired bedroom, and now I am going to show you Finley and Owen's room!  They share a semi-small room, but we make the best of the space!!  It was originally just Obug's nursery, but alas....he had to share with his big brother!  {And we just took Obug's crib out and put in his new toddler bed!  It's so cute and classic...but I will admit I am sad to see ANOTHER baby item gone from my house. :(  Sniff, sniff.}

Their room has a transportation theme....I love the blue color on the wall, the red accents and all the airplanes!!  I hope you like it too!!  And on to the pictures!!

This is looking in from the hall...

Here is Obug's side...

I LURVE this airplane shelf!!!  It has little nic-nacks that are important to Finley and other precious items...

Owen's first hat, a handmade baby blanket, a bib we gave my dad when we found out we were pregnant with our fist baby, and Owen's handmade hospital shirt...

My bestie, who helped transform this room from blah to bravo, found these letters in her collection!!!  I adore them!!

 Pic of Finn and his best friend Joshua, his favorite dino claw...he's slightly obsessed with ALL things animal...especially Dinosaurs and Sharks!

Finn's "rice baby" ...which he made in Kinder this's so cute, I don't have the heart to get rid of it, so I stuck it up there!!  Haha!  The post office box is full of shark teeth...I told ya...obsessed!!

Finn's side of the room...LOVE the curtains.  They were made by my momma for our house in Austin!  I'm so glad the dimensions were the same in this house!

The last remaining baby item in the room....a little changing pad. :(  Luckily it fits perfectly on top of their dresser!

Now....I would LOVE to show you my oldest son's room...but I can't!!  It's a mess and not really decorated the way I want.  I have however bought some pictures for inspiration.  I got these at Hobby Lobby for 50% off...whoop!!  Aidan is really into sports...I mean REALLY!!  So that will be the theme.  I love the idea of old vintage memorabilia....especially pennants!!  Hopefully I will get his room done soon.  

I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my kids rooms!!  Have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Lovin' Had Me a Blast...

 OMGoodness...that is one precious little girl!!  She just loves swimming at "my Ashwee's" house!!

 Another kiddo that DESPISES the pool!!  None of our kids like getting in the pool when they are little, but by the time they are 3 they can't get enough!!

 My little fish....who last summer almost would NOT let go of the side of the pool!  This year he is crazy comfortable and shows it!  I'm very proud of this boy!!

 This is what his hair looks like constantly....especially when it has sunscreen spray in it!!  Haha!  It's a good look!!  Don't ya think? :)

 Having dinner....Aidan was missed, but I'm sure he was having fun with Gaga and Grandpa!

 Mmmmm....sssssmmmmoooorrrreeeesss!!  All the kids LOVED them...of course!  {This was Ashlee's first time to have a s'more!!  I think she and I prefer just to eat the marshmellows..teehee!} 

And this is a chocolate-less s'more...cause ya know...this crazy boy hates chocolate!!!  I don't get it, but whateves!

We had a blast at the Szymanski Pool, and we are so thankful they are always inviting us over for playtime!!  We are very blessed to have such great neighbors and friends!!