Friday, June 8, 2012

Generations of Funny

After Breslyn's party, My Grandma, Mom, B and moi took a  picture together.  Most of them were normal, but then Momma suggested we do "the" crazy know the one....shoulders out, chest protruding, lips pursed, eyes huge, cheeks sucked in {both sets}, chin down, hip cocked and one leg bent and foot pointed at the toe....

you may have seen this look previously on my blog....say, around July of last case you've forgotten I will gladly remind you!!!  You are SO welcome!!! ;))

Yeaaaahhhh, that's THE pose.  And I just noticed I'm wearing the same pants, but at least in the top picture I weigh 18lbs less!!  Whoop!!

These pictures are totally making me smile...okay, laugh OUT loud!!  That's a GREAT thing!!  Hope they make you chuckle too!!

Have a great weekend all!!  BTW....for those of you who have been waiting with baited breath over pics of Breslyn's room {Traci} I took the pics today!!  Whoohoo!  Now to edit them...blech!  But they are a-comin'!!

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  1. Stop writing funny stuff and go do pictures!
    Your family makes me laugh.