Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Lovin' Had Me a Blast...

 OMGoodness...that is one precious little girl!!  She just loves swimming at "my Ashwee's" house!!

 Another kiddo that DESPISES the pool!!  None of our kids like getting in the pool when they are little, but by the time they are 3 they can't get enough!!

 My little fish....who last summer almost would NOT let go of the side of the pool!  This year he is crazy comfortable and shows it!  I'm very proud of this boy!!

 This is what his hair looks like constantly....especially when it has sunscreen spray in it!!  Haha!  It's a good look!!  Don't ya think? :)

 Having dinner....Aidan was missed, but I'm sure he was having fun with Gaga and Grandpa!

 Mmmmm....sssssmmmmoooorrrreeeesss!!  All the kids LOVED them...of course!  {This was Ashlee's first time to have a s'more!!  I think she and I prefer just to eat the marshmellows..teehee!} 

And this is a chocolate-less s'more...cause ya know...this crazy boy hates chocolate!!!  I don't get it, but whateves!

We had a blast at the Szymanski Pool, and we are so thankful they are always inviting us over for playtime!!  We are very blessed to have such great neighbors and friends!!

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  1. You know you are always welcome...ya'll are part of our fam! Love you! Great blog of summer memories!!