Sunday, March 31, 2013

Finley: Best Decision Ever

I seem to not be able to stay away from the blog today!!  I did not plan on writing ANOTHER post today...but then bedtime changed my mind...

Joey had mentioned how Finley had said something to him about wanting to ask Jesus into his heart.  So tonight as I was putting him to bed I brought up the subject.  He immediately teared up.

I asked him what was wrong and he said he just didn't know how to ask him into his heart.

I told him that I could lead him in a prayer...but I wanted to make SURE that he really wanted to make this step, so I asked him numerous times if he wanted to wait/if he was sure this is what he wanted.  Without a doubt, this is what he wanted.

I was able to lead him in a sweet prayer asking God to forgive him of his sins, thanking Jesus for dying on the cross and asking Jesus into his heart.  My heart was overflowing with love and happiness.  I could tell he was so proud and excited and a little nervous.

I love you Finley and I am so proud of you for making the best decision you will ever make in your entire life!!  
xoxo, mom

Canton Highlights!!

This weekend my parents took Breslyn and myself to Canton for the weekend!!  They took me last year for my birthday as well...I plan on this being a tradition every year (because it may be the only time I will get out there!!)!

Last year I was mostly in awe of my surroundings...I was floored by the amount of people, vendors and food!!  If you are not familiar with Canton, it is a city in Texas that has trade days the weekend before the first Monday of the month.  There are vendors that offer wooden letters, jewelry, food, vintage items, antiques, clothes, home decor, furniture, etc!  It is incredible and very overwhelming!!  You WILL get lost on your first trip...this time I was a little more aware of where I was going...a little. ;)

Last year I didn't get near as much, but I planned on taking pictures of everything...well, things got put away (or thrown in my crafty section of the garage..where some of them have remained) and I never got around to taking the pics.  But this year I followed through!!  

Gaga bought B two BEAUTIFUL dresses...she wore the one on the left today for Easter!

Not sure yet what I will be doing with the burlap sacks...but they were a dollar each!!  The fan will be going on my "Summer Mantle"!!

The trains are a project for Owen's birthday...which is a week from today!!!!!

I am going to do a gallery wall SOON and I plan on putting #6's and T's throughout the wall. (6 for number of family members and T for Tremaine)  I am going to "age" the pennants and put them in Aidan's room.  

I will use these wire baskets to house all my material...that is currently scattered across my bedroom floor!  The letter A, I, D, A and N will be going up in Aidan's room.

I bought lots of cheap beads, but I also purchased these beautiful diamond earrings...teehee!!  

My Grandma was very generous and gave me birthday money to spend...AND gave B $20 to buy her own things at Canton.  She purchased a Disney Princess tin (with magnets of each of the characters), a Melissa & Doug product...wooden dolls that you color, put glitter on and adorn with bling {most of which she did WITH Grandpa} and a bobble head duck!!  THANKS Grandma!!

I had a blast, and I am so thankful to my parents for the trip, the company, the great conversations, the laughs and the love!!!

Family Pics...

A few pics from today!!

Happy Easter

Thank you Jesus for dying on a cross....for my sins.
Thank you Jesus for rising that I can have life in YOU!!

I hope you each have had an AMAZING EASTER...that you have all been blessed...and that you know the love of Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Trust Jesus

The last few days I have had a heavy heart on a particular subject.  I'm not sure how much to share.  I don't want to write about it when my emotions are raw, but at the same time I feel like I can be so much more real if I write on that high.  But I won't....because I've prayed and asked God for direction.
What to say?  What to do?  How do I reach these people?  How do I make it right?  What do you want me to do?  

Then it hit me...I am TOO focused on "me".  God can use me, but I must stop focusing on how, and just be ready.  So this quote seems very fitting...

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

I'm off to Bible study...have a wonderful Wednesday evening friends!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Turquoise Obsessed?

So....I was taking a look at my "My Style" board on Pinterest.  I noticed a trend.  I apparently LOVE turquoise!!  Okay, I already knew that, but it wasn't till I noticed all that I had pinned till I realized I might be obsessed!!

Turquoise Love:

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

with Coral {wearing this color combo today!!}

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

maybe it's just necklaces!!!  Ha!

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

even in decorating!!


B Lost a Tooth {in February!}

When Aidan was barely 4 (he had just turned four the month before) he lost his first tooth.  I was floored and extremely nervous.  I mean, really?  Four?  But my MIL assured me that Joey had lost his tooth at four as well!!!

Following in her biggest brother's footsteps, Breslyn lost her first tooth at the age of 4!!  She was stunned and excited... unfortunately she must have swallowed it, because we couldn't find it anywhere. :(

We wrote the tooth fairy a nice little letter and she woke to find a dollar under her pillow.  Precious little girl...she is growing up way too fast!

You can see in this picture that her permanent tooth was screaming to come out...but her little baby tooth clung on for dear life!!  Ha!

The letter we wrote to the tooth fairy...

The only picture I have of her holding her money is on my phone....and since I STILL can't figure out how to upload pics from my get nothin'!!  But she was so happy with her buck! :)

My baby girl is certainly growing too fast for my liking.  Hmph....thank goodness for mommy/daughter fact this weekend we are going to Canton with my parents!!  As B says, "Just the girls are going.  And Grandpa."  I love it that she is as excited as me!!  I've been saving up money and I have a list of things I will be on the hunt for...Whoop!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Funny Friday

Just some humor for your Friday....

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest


Source: via Ashley on Pinterest


...Absolutely feel this way!

...this isn't me AT.ALL!!  Teehee!

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest flipping joke!!  I will have a story to share soon that looks VERY similar to this cartoon!

{The moment you realize baby faces are trapped in your knees}
Source: via Ashley on Pinterest be honest, I've seen super skinny young girls with the same issue...but it is still FUNNY!!  I was walking out of Target last week and saw these same babies on a women's knees...nearly.died.laughing!!

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest


Bitty Little Babies

Pics of MY new niece and nephews!!!  
Love them BIG time!!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm Rigid...Randomness

Just some randomness...

*My husband can't REALLY understand {because he is the EXACT opposite} why I can't go with the flow...

I don't like surprises {unless it involves a party (not at my house..Haha!!) and getting gifts!!} or spur of the moment guests {because my house is NEVER perfect enough}.  I know I am rigid.  God made me this blog-stalking perfect homes {which I get are only perfect for the second they take that picture then go right back to messy once the kids are let loose} the feeling that people will judge the SAHM's house because of course all she does is  Goodness...I got off track!!  Ha!

I'm guessing God got a hardy laugh when he paired me up with Joey...Mr. "let's fly somewhere this weekend, go visit people in Granbury today, buy some new furniture, stay at a hotel for the night!!"
However, he does get how I work and is so kind and compassionate when I turn him down when he has invited people over AT.THE.VERY.LAST.SECOND!!  I love him and appreciate his makes me more well-rounded {which means that I am pretty close to perfect!!! Ha!}

*This afternoon after school one of our next door neighbors was outside playing...her name is Reece and she is PRECIOUS!!  Anyways, everyday she and Finley talk over our joined fences...and it's never a one minute conversation...more like 30 minutes!!  So cute!  So today Finley was inside and I see Reece at the fence and I yelled to Finn that his girlfriend was on the fence...fully expecting him to scream at me for the tease...he.said.Reece???!!!!  OMGosh!!!  Finn has a girlfriend!!!  I know they aren't really, but it is overwhelming for this momma...  My baby is growing up. :(

*My precious triplet nephews and niece are doing GREAT!!  I will share a few pics soon!!  They were born at 31 weeks and although that was very early, they are little fighters (like their momma FOR SURE!!)!

*The most exciting thing happened to me today...while doing my Bible study time {the book of Daniel} Beth Moore was telling us how important our prayers are.  Well, I spoke out loud and told God that sometimes when I pray I wonder how He hears me over the 500,000 other people praying at that exact moment.  I told Him I wanted to feel special...known.  I moved onto the next days homework and you wouldn't believe it...the very FIRST paragraph said, "Be blessed to realize that your God wants to talk to you and hear you talk back!  A million other voices cannot drown out your own."  OMGosh...I just started gushing tears AND laughing OUT LOUD at His answer to my prayer just 1 minute prior!!!  Amazing...what a Great GOD!!!  

Hope you all have a great Wednesday evening!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Mantle 2013

Afternoon!!  To say I LOVE my mantle wouldn't exactly be true...but I really really like the doilies!! ;)  I still feel like it is missing something...maybe a hint of yellow?!  I don't do pastel colors really well...not my favs at all, so spring decorating is a little hard. is my little mantle in all its doily wondrousness!!  Ha!

I do love the shade of green on this bunny apple!!  I guess green is the color I most favored for the mantle this season!

I may still add a little something here and there, but for now it does the trick. :)  
Have a great Monday evening!!

Spring Break 2013

The Monday after Spring Break....whew....although I thoroughly enjoyed the week "off" I am ready to have a schedule back.  :) 

And although it was a week "off" work, all I did was work!!!  Ha!  But it was certainly a labor of love! I (with the help of the hubs, bff and parents) revamped my oldest son's room...and I am THRILLED with how it turned out!!  It is complete EXCEPT for the decor...I have some, but not exactly sure where I want everything to go.  Soooo...the reveal will have to wait a little bit longer! ;)

I do, however, want to share a few pics from my last photo session....I will post more from this session on my photography blog (you can get there by clicking the tab at the top of the blog!).  Here are a few of my favorites of Baby K!!

Thank you Kristi for allowing me to photograph that beautiful baby girl!!  Baby Kate you truly are a blessing to your sweet family!!  

Happy Monday All!!! ;)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Latest Obsession: Paper Doilies!

So I had this vision for my mantle...I could see a banner of paper doilies hanging.  I wasn't sure how I would hang them, but I KNEW it would be easy peasy to find the doilies.  WRONG!!  I looked at Walmart, Dollar Tree and other places.  Couldn't find em!  I looked online and found them...but I wasn't interested in having to wait to get them.  So I finally decided to try Party City!!  Bingo!  They had plenty to choose from!!

I just finished my Spring Mantle {which I will reveal this week!!} and my doily banner is pretty cute and really just how I envisioned it {which rarely happens}!

Then I happened to look on Pinterest for more ideas for paper doilies!!  OH.MY!!  Here are a few of my favs!

Love this for a photo shoot!!!

So pretty and simple!



Seriously cute idea...and double has one of my favorite songs printed on it!

Dye them?  Yes please!

Love it all!!

Beautiful banner!

I am now and forevermore in love with doilies...until I'm not.  :)