Sunday, March 24, 2013

B Lost a Tooth {in February!}

When Aidan was barely 4 (he had just turned four the month before) he lost his first tooth.  I was floored and extremely nervous.  I mean, really?  Four?  But my MIL assured me that Joey had lost his tooth at four as well!!!

Following in her biggest brother's footsteps, Breslyn lost her first tooth at the age of 4!!  She was stunned and excited... unfortunately she must have swallowed it, because we couldn't find it anywhere. :(

We wrote the tooth fairy a nice little letter and she woke to find a dollar under her pillow.  Precious little girl...she is growing up way too fast!

You can see in this picture that her permanent tooth was screaming to come out...but her little baby tooth clung on for dear life!!  Ha!

The letter we wrote to the tooth fairy...

The only picture I have of her holding her money is on my phone....and since I STILL can't figure out how to upload pics from my get nothin'!!  But she was so happy with her buck! :)

My baby girl is certainly growing too fast for my liking.  Hmph....thank goodness for mommy/daughter fact this weekend we are going to Canton with my parents!!  As B says, "Just the girls are going.  And Grandpa."  I love it that she is as excited as me!!  I've been saving up money and I have a list of things I will be on the hunt for...Whoop!!

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