Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm Rigid...Randomness

Just some randomness...

*My husband can't REALLY understand {because he is the EXACT opposite} why I can't go with the flow...

I don't like surprises {unless it involves a party (not at my house..Haha!!) and getting gifts!!} or spur of the moment guests {because my house is NEVER perfect enough}.  I know I am rigid.  God made me this blog-stalking perfect homes {which I get are only perfect for the second they take that picture then go right back to messy once the kids are let loose} the feeling that people will judge the SAHM's house because of course all she does is  Goodness...I got off track!!  Ha!

I'm guessing God got a hardy laugh when he paired me up with Joey...Mr. "let's fly somewhere this weekend, go visit people in Granbury today, buy some new furniture, stay at a hotel for the night!!"
However, he does get how I work and is so kind and compassionate when I turn him down when he has invited people over AT.THE.VERY.LAST.SECOND!!  I love him and appreciate his makes me more well-rounded {which means that I am pretty close to perfect!!! Ha!}

*This afternoon after school one of our next door neighbors was outside playing...her name is Reece and she is PRECIOUS!!  Anyways, everyday she and Finley talk over our joined fences...and it's never a one minute conversation...more like 30 minutes!!  So cute!  So today Finley was inside and I see Reece at the fence and I yelled to Finn that his girlfriend was on the fence...fully expecting him to scream at me for the tease...he.said.Reece???!!!!  OMGosh!!!  Finn has a girlfriend!!!  I know they aren't really, but it is overwhelming for this momma...  My baby is growing up. :(

*My precious triplet nephews and niece are doing GREAT!!  I will share a few pics soon!!  They were born at 31 weeks and although that was very early, they are little fighters (like their momma FOR SURE!!)!

*The most exciting thing happened to me today...while doing my Bible study time {the book of Daniel} Beth Moore was telling us how important our prayers are.  Well, I spoke out loud and told God that sometimes when I pray I wonder how He hears me over the 500,000 other people praying at that exact moment.  I told Him I wanted to feel special...known.  I moved onto the next days homework and you wouldn't believe it...the very FIRST paragraph said, "Be blessed to realize that your God wants to talk to you and hear you talk back!  A million other voices cannot drown out your own."  OMGosh...I just started gushing tears AND laughing OUT LOUD at His answer to my prayer just 1 minute prior!!!  Amazing...what a Great GOD!!!  

Hope you all have a great Wednesday evening!!

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