Saturday, March 9, 2013

Latest Obsession: Paper Doilies!

So I had this vision for my mantle...I could see a banner of paper doilies hanging.  I wasn't sure how I would hang them, but I KNEW it would be easy peasy to find the doilies.  WRONG!!  I looked at Walmart, Dollar Tree and other places.  Couldn't find em!  I looked online and found them...but I wasn't interested in having to wait to get them.  So I finally decided to try Party City!!  Bingo!  They had plenty to choose from!!

I just finished my Spring Mantle {which I will reveal this week!!} and my doily banner is pretty cute and really just how I envisioned it {which rarely happens}!

Then I happened to look on Pinterest for more ideas for paper doilies!!  OH.MY!!  Here are a few of my favs!

Love this for a photo shoot!!!

So pretty and simple!



Seriously cute idea...and double has one of my favorite songs printed on it!

Dye them?  Yes please!

Love it all!!

Beautiful banner!

I am now and forevermore in love with doilies...until I'm not.  :)

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