Saturday, December 31, 2016

NOVEMBER 2016 Round Up

November was a great month...filled with lots of (pictures and) family time!  

To start the month off right we celebrated Finn's birthday (...a lot, as you will see!)!

The first weekend in November I went with my parents and their friend to Canton!!  I had a great time..even if I didn't buy much and it was only for a day!! ;)

Dad obviously enjoyed his turkey leg!!  Haha!

Family Fun under the table...

...and I started decorating for Christmas!!  Whoohoo!!

We had friends over from church to watch a Cowboys game.  I think we won...either way, we had a good time!

That night we went out for Finn's family dinner.  Delicious food, great family and one great little man!

The next week I received a special package in the mail!!  I had ordered a personalized leather cuff from HERE. I knew I wanted to give my mom a cuff to remember Zachary, but I wanted it to make her smile, and not just have his name on it.  I decided to put our running Zach jokes on it.  She loved it and that meant the world to me. :)

That week Joey and I went on a date to Uncle Julio's.  The decor is beautiful!  The company was great too.

That weekend we FINALLY celebrated Finn's birthday with friends.  They played at our local trampoline park and then had On the Border for lunch!  The entire day (in pictures) is HERE!

Nov 17th Owen had a Thanksgiving play.  He did so well and was very proud of himself!!

We took Aidan on a date to Saltgrass (because Joey received a generous giftcard from work!!!)!  I fear he will now only appreciate the finer restaurants!!  Ha!

Saturday I started really decorating for Christmas.  I was super excited to put garland on my stairs!  It made a HUMONGOUS mess all over my house, but it was worth it.

Sunday I took pics of a wonderful family...who are always so faithful to hire me!!  Our location was very industrial...and we MIGHT have taken some pics in front of a green dumpster!

I continued working on my front porch Christmas decor...this was my inspiration...

...and the final product!!

We celebrated my mom's really crazy crew!!

The 23rd I took Owen out for a date to our local favorite Mexican food restaurant.  I love this little guy so much.  I really enjoyed asking him a ton of questions and finding out more about his likes and dislikes! ;)

Thanksgiving morning I ran a 5K with my great friend, Traci!!  She is such an inspiration to me, especially at being fit and fab!!  The 5k was at Texas Motor Speedway and it was a great track...twice around and done.  It did have an incline, but it wasn't too bad.



We spent Thanksgiving at my parent's house...and were joined by my goofball nephew Jacob and my MIL.  It was a very relaxing time, even though we missed my brother greatly.

(the boy found some chocolate cake and he was mesmerized)

 While at my mom's, she found a picture of Charlie Hough that I had given my brother years ago, just to razz him even more!  I wish he was here to still razz.  

 Decorating continued around the casa...

Friday after Thanksgiving we took B out on a date to CHUY'S!!  My favorite!!  

And Saturday I took pics of my friend Jennifer and her sweet family!  We had such a great time, and now she joins me every M/W/F at 5:30am to run my neighborhood.  

Sunday I took pics of Ashlee's sweet family...this girl...that hair, those eyes!!  So precious!

I discovered Snapchat....way late to the game, but FUUUUUN!!

And a few more pics of Christmas decor to round out November!!

It was a great month, and it went by too fast!!  On to December!!