Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Peace Out 2014

Wanted to hit on some highlights from 2014...last year I attempted an UBER LONG post and halfway through my computer shut down...after an hour of loading pics!! So this year I will just talk about a few things!!;)

First up....our year started off a little rocky with Joey starting a job in car sales.  It was straight commission and a straight heart attack for me!!  But the Lord provided for us abundantly.  I'm so thankful for His provision and the peace He gave us during that time!

In January I began my weight loss journey.  It wasn't easy, it still isn't easy....but worth it.  I have a post in my drafts about this subject, just can't make myself hit publish!! ;)

In April B and I went to Canton with Gaga and Grandpa!!  It was too much fun..as usual!!

In May our precious girl asked Jesus into her heart!!!  Best decision EVER!!!  More on that HERE!!

 In June my father was diagnosed with colon cancer.  It rocked my world.  Another experience for the Lord to show me He is good - ALL THE TIME.  More on that HERE!!

All summer I painted.  ALL summer!!  Ha!  This is a TERRIBLE picture, but it's proof!  I painted our foyer, kitchen, dining area, halls, living room and master bedroom.  I'm exhausted just remembering it!  Ha!!

 The kids started back to school!!!  7th, 3rd, 1st and Pre-k!!

Aidan started playing football!!!  Big WHOA moment for this momma!!  I can't believe I have a child old enough to be in 7th grade, but he's playing football too?!!

In September we had a little family getaway.  Just a hotel, pool and eating out!!  It was so much fun packed into a short weekend!  More HERE.

The rest of the year has been busy with football, basketball, ballet, kids performances, working, taking pictures for clients and friends, celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas and the start of a new business venture {more on that later}.  It's been fun 2014....peace out!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Day Cheer

Christmas morning!!!  Whoohoo!  Santa came and brought some great goodies for the kiddos!  

And then they each opened their one big gift from us....

B got her first American Girl doll...I must say I enjoy combing Isabelle's hair as much as Breslyn does!  

We lounged around till 10 when Joey's family joined us for brunch and gift opening!!

Triplet chaos!!  

Then around 4 my parents came over for gifts, dinner and games!!  

It was a fun filled day for sure.  I love Christmas and the traditions we carry out each year.  We are so blessed by close family and friends.  Christmas 2014 is done!  Time for renewal and a new year!  

Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas Eve we allow the kids to open one present...it is always new pajamas!  Ha!

OMGosh, that face!!  Such a goofball!!

{side note...those aren't bags of trash in the background....they are presents from Gaga and Grandpa's house!}

All in their new jammies!!

Then we all settled in for Joey to read about Jesus' birth!!  A perfect ending to our day. :))

Photo Dump...Week of Oct. 26th

Monday I spent the day at the hospital because my mom was having surgery.  My dad and I hung out in the waiting room and while he dozed I read Jennie Allen's book "Restless"!  It is a great GREAT read.  I highlighted a few things that day in particular.

Wednesday morning this little cutie was crawling around like crazy!!  

Wednesday night during ladies bible study, Beth Moore had us right on our hands....another GREAT study is "Children of the Day"...focusing on 1 and 2 Thessalonians.  

Thursday the hubs sent me this gorgeous bouquet of flowers.  I was having a very tough few days weeks being a mom.  He knew how to make me smile and feel loved!  Good job baby!!

Friday I started working on Christmas gifts for some friends....it involved old wood planks and the letters J-O-Y.;)  I didn't do a tutorial but I will show a finished version soon. 

I love Bath and Body Works candles and this one is a particular fall favorite!!

Friday night was Halloween!!  More on that HERE!!

Saturday the boys got haircuts...

...we assembled our Nerf gun arsenal...

...and started watching Hallmark Christmas movies {yes...on Nov 1st}!!!!!!

 Saturday was Finley's 9th birthday party!!!  More on that HERE!

What a VERY long, VERY busy week!!!