Saturday, December 27, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of Oct 12th

Look at me!!!  8 posts in TWO days!!  YAY ME!! ;)  And moving on....Tuesday's football game!  
Go #63!!

Wednesday morning...I can't imagine little Owen standing here with them next year!! :((

Look at this cutie patootie!!  So happy!

 Thursday tap class....

At some point Mom sent me this sweet picture from a while see my dad happy and healthy and active playing with the kids just made me smile!! #cancersucks

Friday Owen colored a Halloween bat...he loves those little crafts from Hob Lob.  

Friday night Breslyn performed at Boswell H.S.  She showed off the dance she had learned the Saturday before during dance clinic.  

Saturday the kids and I went up to the track to walk/run/play!!  It was beautiful outside and we had a great time.

Taking selfies with the kids at church....

Praise team practice before church...

Love my little Halloween cutie!

Sunday night Haley and I had Panera Bread for dinner....I wasn't so impressed with my sandwich, but dessert was great!!  

Let's see if I can make it to 9 posts in 2 days!!  ;)

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