Friday, December 26, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of Sept 21

Monday I made some YUMMO fajitas!!  

Tuesday I picked the middle two up at the bus stop...just for fun, so they didn't have to walk!!

Tuesday night we watched Aidan play football.  

At some point in the week I built amazing and wondrous Lego things with we did some learnin' with Brain Quest flash cards!! ;)

Saturday we ran errands with of which was to a local store for mums to decorate the flower beds!!  Finn had a great time out back by the stream.  

After we had lunch at El Fenix. many great memories of eating at El Fenix.  :)

Saturday early evening I was watering my new mums when the little two decided they needed to play in the water!!  I obliged and we all had fun!!  I just love this sweet picture.

Sunday it was our week to teach preschool at church...we used play doh...we were totally learning about God too!!  Haha!!

After church we headed to Pizza Hut.  We usually have lunch out after church...and this was delicious!!

Sunday afternoon B and I headed to a party where you make a specific craft.  You pre-pay ahead for the supplies and the woman in charge brings everything you need to make the particular craft.  We were making pumpkins!  It was so much fun getting talk with a lot of girls from work!  

Of course I neglected to get a pic of the finished project, but I like how mine turned out!  Can't wait to pull them out each year and decorate for Halloween/Fall!  

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