Saturday, December 27, 2014

Photo Dump...Oct 5th

Monday morning I watched Haley's 2 smallest girls so she could go to a parent/teacher meeting.  While Ella was playing she bumped into my decorative wooden ladder and it fell and smacked her right in the face!!  Ugh.  Huge ugly bruise.  But she let me hold ice to it, which helped with the swelling.

Cool dude waiting for the bus Monday...

Tuesday we went to Aidan's football game and B was enamored with the cheerleaders!  She stayed by them the whole game!  

Wednesday morning I had this stunning view!  I remember IGramming it and saying I had had a rough morning with the kids, but THIS beautiful sky made me thankful for God's grace and mercy AND beauty!  

Friday Owen, Camille and I visited Joey at his work!  We were looking at an SUV that came onto his lot.  It was very nice, but out of our budget.

Saturday Breslyn had dance camp...more on that HERE.  

Sunday Ashlee and I went to Fort Worth Vintage Market wasn't as big as we anticipated- definitely not Canton size, but we had a great time!!!  What I did like about this particular trade days was the fact that it wasn't monopolized with the typical vendors like Scentsy, Advocare, etc.  It was all handmade and unusual finds.  

I purchased more pool balls, some fun vintage flash cards and a super cute jar.  After we finished at the market we decided to go shopping at a few stores and have some dinner.  I had a wonderful day hanging with my bestie and getting new goodies!! 

It was a great full week and weekend!  

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