Sunday, November 9, 2014

Boswell Dance Clinic

We signed B up for a dance clinic put on by our local (and by local I mean the school is right behind my house!) high school.  She was super excited to learn dance moves and THEN perform at the following football game!  

I just planned on dropping her off for the practice, but she asked me to stay...can't say no to that cutie patootie!  But my pics aren't so great...just cell phone worthy. :/ Anywho...

Warm up activities...

Learning the moves...

Then the following friday...also Homecoming night at Boswell...the girls performed!!!  She did great and we were so proud of her!!

With her leader Audrey and the rest of her crew!

She finally spotted us!!

Unfortunately they didn't turn the music up so we couldn't hear it. :( But they sure looked great dancing to nothing!!  Ha!

Look at that smile!!

And POSE!!  Her poses crack me up!!!! ;)

Thank you Gaga for paying for the clinic and for coming to support her!  We love you!

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