Monday, November 10, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of September 14th

This was a pretty uneventful week...but it ended with our staycation which I will blog about next!  First up Sunday.....

And a Taco Bell run after church...I took this picture because I needed a photograph with him wearing this outfit.  I have pictures (somewhere) of both Aidan and Finley wearing this same outfit!!  It is just so precious to me.

Tuesday was Aidan's football game and we had LOTS of friends to cheer him on including Memaw...

Bryce and Joel Puckett...

Pastor Kevin and his wife Vicki as well as our youth Pastor Dale and his son James!!  
Whew...I hope Aidan felt loved!!

That Friday Miss. Camille was looking uber stylish...that bow is the perfect amount of huge and sassy!!

That Friday night B spent the night with Memaw.  Not long into Saturday morning she started feeling super nauseous....hence the Aldi barf bag in her lap!! :(  So Memaw brought her to me and within a minute she was zonked in the back seat.  Poor baby.  Unfortunately these bouts would continue through the weekend, but she never did throw up.  

Saturday I also picked up some candles from Bath and Body Works!!  I had to get ready for Fall!!  Eeek!  They both smell great....especially Pumpkin Cafe Latte!  

A fairly good on to our staycation!!  ;)

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