Tuesday, February 23, 2016

JANUARY 2016 Round Up

Hey y'all!!  I'll just ignore how long it's been since I last blogged...and just jump straight ahead with this post!  So, January.  It was fast and furious.  I started running again...it was ridiculously cold.  Some friends and I have decided to keep each other accountable with our eating and working out.  {So that's great....as I sit here typing while possibly eating a white powdered donut! :/ } 

I removed Aidan's stitches...I should've been a nurse.  I totally could do it....except for the needles and blood and throw up and needles.  But I can totally handle stitch removal!!  Ha!

We hung out at Ashlee's house one Saturday morning!  Love those cute little rugrats!  

I got a haircut...

Basketball continued for Aidan...

My favorite and hands down BEST teacher ever passed away.  Mr. Aikman (yes, he is related to Troy Aikman)...he made every single student feel special, important, unique and loved.  I loved him dearly, and am so glad he knew Christ!!  He is definitely playing that trumpet in Heaven!

MFH continued to grow...this was one of our shopping trips for a client.  Long story short....God is amazing and in this small business.  We were getting desperate for a certain piece and God provided.  I very much teared up when we found this blanket ladder...because I knew God was answering my prayers.  In this biz I have to have faith that He will provide...and he did...right there in the Hob Lob aisle.  

Later that week Haley's brother was in town and so graciously helped us with a HUGE project for the same client.  I am so thankful for his expertise.  We joked that he looked very much like Jesus and he was our personal carpenter!!  Ha!

Forts were made in the living room...pay no attention to that awkward mantle...I'm still working on it. 

More basketball...

Owen and I did a couple of puzzles...and wouldn't it just figure BOTH of them were missing a piece.  Gah!!  But we had fun together!

I finally conquered a project that was a few months in the making.  I bought this UGGGGGLY painting for super cheap and knew exactly what I would do with it once we moved into the new house.  The first step was to paint it with chalkboard paint and white trim....

The second step involved repurposing our old "welcome-home-hang-your-crap-here" sign.  I had a few helpers...  

And the finished product...I love it.

We completed our client's home and then I went to work updating the blog.  

And we ended the month with two days of basketball tournaments and cleaning out the garage!!  Gaga and Grandpa came to cheer Aidan on...and entertain the littles.

Ahhhh....I can finally park my car inside the garage!! 

Hey February....what's up? ;)