Wednesday, December 27, 2017

OCTOBER 2017: Round Up

Well...for some reason a LOT of my pictures from October came out like this after uploading....

Super frustrating...😔😕 I will give just a super quick rundown of the month.  It won't take long with only a few "full" pictures!!  First up...October 12th was a Thursday night game at Boswell, and I got to see my big boy prior to the game!  Of course he just posed because he wanted money, but I'll take it! Ha!

That Saturday morning Joey, Aidan and I met Linda for lunch at Joe T Garcia's restaurant.  The food was fantastic and it was so nice to catch up with my MIL!  The pic at the top is one from our lunch.  They all came out that way.  Whomp whomp.

Saturday night my parents and Aidan were at the Longhorn game in Austin and they ended up being on the big screen multiple times!!  Aidan caught a football after it was kicked for a field goal (I think).  The quality of the pics isn't good, but hey we were taking pics of the tv!  Hahaha!!  
You can barely see the football in his hands in this pic!  We were so proud of him!  

Tuesday I found out that one of my favorite students told her Grandma (who has a subscription to AARP) that I looked like the woman on the cover.  It took me a minute to!!  And the woman I look like, to this little 3year old, is Jessica Lange!  Well....she looks pretty awesome on the cover, so I GUESS I'll take it.  Haha!  

That Thursday night I had to take CPR through my HighRidge job.  Luckily my co-teacher and friend Ashley was there as well.  The instructor had a hard time because there were THREE WHOLE people in the class and we were ALL ASHLEY'S!!  😂😂😂  We have 3 Ashley's working at this it's a pretty awesome place! Bwahaha! 

The next day I had a doctor's appointment to talk to my OBGYN about some issues...and I took this picture because I can fit in a NORMAL gown with room to spare. 💓😍

That weekend Finners decided to hang out on the roof...ya know, that's normal!  Ha!  He is too much like me...I did the same thing at his age...but I didn't have to climb a fence, gate and then jump up there.  I had a window that went right out onto the roof...much safer!!  

That weekend Joey and I went to a local restaurant that is only open in the summer, but because the weather was so nice they stayed open through October.  We really enjoyed the live music and company. 

Sunday we began practicing for Sounds of the Season...directed, produced, choreographed and errrrthing by my amazingly talented momma!!  You will see multiple pictures of practices and our final performance on the blog soon!

That week at school the kids were allowed to color their hair, wear crazy socks, etc if they donated canned food.  This day was crazy hair!  

That Friday B brought home her class pet, Buttercup.  He looked like a mouse and I could not like it.  I mean it was cute, but I just couldn't bring myself to hold it.  Daisy was obsessed with him.  Obsessed, but of course the pictures didn't upload properly.  

 And finally it was time for Halloween!!  I had big plans for our family.  We were going to be characters from Beauty and the Beast...but that didn't pan out...maybe next year.  This year we went with Joey's idea...simple t-shirts representing the Justice League.  Joey - Superman, Ashley - Wonder Woman, Aidan was sick, but was supposed to be Batman, Finley - The Flash, Breslyn - Batgirl and finally Owen - Nightwing.  We had a good time at the trunk or treat, but O and B really had fun trick or treating in our neighborhood!!  We haven't done REAL trick or treating since I was pregnant with Finley!  We will definitely be doing it again!

 I'm still so disappointed in all that I can't show you because of the uploading some funny memes, a project Owen worked on in school, Owen and Finn in massage chairs and Owen in the 2017 Reading Bee.  Oh well...hopefully November pics will turn out okay!  ✌

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Merry Christmas 2017 and Family Pictures

Merry Christmas 2017!!  
I thought I would share the pictures from our Fall photo shoot.  We were so lucky to have Ashlee come help us out again!  Thanks Ash!  The kids were pretty well behaved...which totally helps.  It was hotter than we would've liked but we powered through and are very happy with the results!

SEPTEMBER 2017: Round Up's the end of December and I am just now recapping September.  So....1) I will have forgotten some things and 2) I may make things up as I go! Haha!  Not as many pics this month and it was a fairly boring month.  Let's get started!

It started off with crafts at home and being silly at Gaga and Grandpa's house.

I started decorating for Fall....which I do enjoy (but not as much as decorating for CHRISTMAS!!).

One day at pick up I saw this old ladder in someones trash pile...and YES I got out and took it!!  It's a great vintage piece!  

Of course we continued on with Football...Aidan is having a powwow with his favorite coach below.  Coach Staples has been such a help for Aidan this year.   

A little throwback with the sweetest Grandma and CUTEST baby girl!!  Haha!! Love my Grandma!

I began pinning things for Christmas!  

And I guess not a lot happened the rest of that week because we are right back to the next Thursday night football game!  Haha!  This stadium was the pits...but the weather was very nice.  

Owen's friend Avery has a brother who plays on the same team as Aidan so the two of them have been playing at each game!  She is adorable and toooooo sweet!!

I love Fridays because I get to take all 4 kids to school.  This particular Friday the two littles got to wear special Boswell shirts and run through the varsity "tent" before the game!  

That weekend Finn had a nasty spill on his bike resulting in some pretty bad burns on his elbow and knee.  😬😢

The following week my SWEET momma made dinner for us!  It was so delicious and such a treat to not have to make it myself!! Ha!

The following weekend we celebrated Mike and Mimi's birthdays!  We had a delicious meal at Spring Creek BBQ...we love this family so much and enjoy spending time celebrating them!

September brought sadness too...It marked Zach's 34th birthday and 2nd heavenly birthday.  We miss him so much. 

This week during football Owen had extra friends to play with!  I love that he's not bored during the games...cause that could be miserable for everyone!  Ha!  

That Saturday the two littles and I hung out pretty much all day in the study.  We stayed in our pjs and B played with my hair, Owen drew and we binge watched Persons of Interest.  It was a great day!

That weekend the Watts family left for a trip and we got to keep their little pupper, Muffin.  He's so cute!!

And we are done.  On to October....