Saturday, December 27, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of Sept 28th

Monday morning cuties!!

I played Memory {Disney version} with Obug Monday afternoon.

Tuesday I dropped the girl off at Ballet class.

Tuesday evening after Aidan's football game, we enjoyed some Mexican food!!

Wednesday afternoon Owen picked me a beautiful flower!!  Melt my heart!  

After the kids got off the bus we hung out outside in the driveway!  Little Camille was gnawing like crazy on her toys!!  Precious girl and that bow!

I LOVE this picture of B...she looks SO this was taken 2-3 years ago.  Precious chunky cheeks and little short arms.

Friday must have been a half day (I can't remember right now in December!!  Haha!) and Josh and Keegan were hanging with us for the afternoon.  

Saturday we hung out as a family (minus Joey of course....darn car biz!!).

While we were out I noticed these HORRIBLE bruises on Aidan's arms!!  One had a HUGE swollen knot under it!!  I know football is rough, but this made me sick at my stomach!  Love that he's strong and can handle it, but WHOA!!

Whoop....last week in September down....finally time for October (in December!!!)!!

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