Friday, December 26, 2014

Finn's Nerf War Party!

7ish weeks ago {super behind obviously} we had Finley's 9th birthday party!!  It was Nerf themed and it was a BLAST...minus the HORRIBLE wind.  It jacked up some of the things I had little signs by all the food, balloon target practice and having the paper products laying out.  Ugh!  But the kiddos had a great time and didn't even notice all those awesome missing details!  Ha!

We improvised last minute and instead of target practice, we attached the balloons to the bench.  We drew evil faces on them and the boys worked hard to shoot them over!  

We brought a HUGE arsenal of Nerf guns plus lots of new bullets!  The guests also brought their own guns!  Finn was in heaven!!

Ashlee and Camille dropping off Josh and Keegan!!

Love Joey's face here!!  Getting beat by a 9 year old!!  

After all the battles were finished we attempted to eat...again the wind blew our plates, food, etc all over the place.  We made the best of it though!!  What a crew!!  They were a mess!!

The birthday boy had a blast...we might even do this theme again!!  
Happy 9th birthday little stinker!!  I love you!!

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