Friday, December 26, 2014

Football Games in Fast Forward

September 30th....we played Ed Wilkie....and it was our ONLY loss for the entire season.  Aidan didn't play much, and it was a tough loss.

We did run into one of our FAVORITE teachers...Mrs. Riley!  She taught Aidan in 3rd and Finley in Kinder.  

Our friend Gabe came to watch Aidan and give him some pointers later.  It was very thoughtful for him to come to the game on his own time!!

October 6th...against Azle.  It was a fun game AND Aidan had more playing time!

October 14th...

Aidan was dominating poor #41 on the opposing team!  I felt so bad for the little guy!  Eventually instead of meeting Aidan directly, he started running WAY out of the way, just to avoid the quick smackdown!!!

THREE boys on my ONE!!  Not fair...but GO AIDAN!!  He held his own and I couldn't be more proud of him!!

October 21st....he got to play on the big Boswell field which was pretty awesome!!

October 28th...I forgot the big camera.  Soooo you have one on field and one off the field....which is of Joey consoling him.  He didn't play much and he was frustrated with that.  We were still proud of him.

November big camera again because we had freezing rain.  Wasn't gonna ruin my camera or Ashlee's long range lens!!!  So phone pics again. ;(

Joey and I - - pre- rain!!  Happy but cold....

Then the rain wasn't heavy, but it was a good LONG soaking.

Finn was the only one with us...

...and speaking of that....THANK YOU GRANDMA for always getting B from dance class on Tuesdays and usually keeping one or two of the other rugrats so Joey and I could enjoy going to Aidan's games.  It was important to us to support him and you made that possible!!  And thanks to Bill, Linda, Mom and Dad and Pastor Kevin, Vicki and Pastor Dale for coming out numerous times to support the big boy!  

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