Monday, December 29, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of Oct. 26th

Monday I spent the day at the hospital because my mom was having surgery.  My dad and I hung out in the waiting room and while he dozed I read Jennie Allen's book "Restless"!  It is a great GREAT read.  I highlighted a few things that day in particular.

Wednesday morning this little cutie was crawling around like crazy!!  

Wednesday night during ladies bible study, Beth Moore had us right on our hands....another GREAT study is "Children of the Day"...focusing on 1 and 2 Thessalonians.  

Thursday the hubs sent me this gorgeous bouquet of flowers.  I was having a very tough few days weeks being a mom.  He knew how to make me smile and feel loved!  Good job baby!!

Friday I started working on Christmas gifts for some involved old wood planks and the letters J-O-Y.;)  I didn't do a tutorial but I will show a finished version soon. 

I love Bath and Body Works candles and this one is a particular fall favorite!!

Friday night was Halloween!!  More on that HERE!!

Saturday the boys got haircuts...

...we assembled our Nerf gun arsenal...

...and started watching Hallmark Christmas movies {yes...on Nov 1st}!!!!!!

 Saturday was Finley's 9th birthday party!!!  More on that HERE!

What a VERY long, VERY busy week!!!

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