Saturday, July 4, 2015

May 2015

May was a SUPER busy month....

*At the end of April Owen asked Jesus into his heart!!!  Best decision EVER!!
*May 2nd I did a senior photo shoot with our youth director's son, James.  I really enjoyed his laid back personality....and willingness to do just about anything I asked of him!! :)
*Boys being crazy before school.
*Finally took some pics of Breslyn and Owen's gallery wall.
*Prepping jars with candy for Teacher Appreciation Week!!
*Finn and I went on a run.  He is fast, but he burns out easily!!  Ha!
*May 7th we celebrated Mother's Day at work...Owen made precious gifts for me and sang a cute song.
*The next two nights we had ballet rehearsal....preparing for the big performance...which I don't have a pic of on this collage...I will do a full post on it later!
*May 12th was Haley's went well, she was a hilarious patient and I have videos to prove it!!  Hahaha!
*May 13th B had her ballet end of year with Mrs. Jo and Ms. Leslie.
*That Friday my friend Jerri and I began shopping to re-decorate the women's bathroom at church.  We shopped at Hob Lob for fabrics....and they had a sale on sleepy little boys (can you see him?).
*That weekend while I was over at my parents house picking up the littles, I started picking at their wallpaper and started to reveal SHIPLAP (which they already knew was there)...holy FIXER UPPER!!  Joanna Gaines would be excited for this remodel for sure!!
*Joey and I began seriously discussing selling our house and buying a new one.
*The next week at school we had the Kona Ice truck come to school...too much sugar and funny co-workers lead to some funny selfies!!
*Wed night the 22nd was the awards ceremony for Olympians and Gopher buddies at church.  Both B and Finley were asked to lead everyone in verses they had learned this year.
*Thursday was Aidan's award ceremony as well as Owen's preschool graduation!!  What?  How is my littlest going into Kinder this fall?!!
*A snapshot of part of the bathroom remodel at church!!  I'm happy with how it turned out.:))
*Memorial Day we took B to the American Girl Doll store for her birthday!!!  We ALL had fun!!  Isabelle had her hair fixed, we ate at the bistro and we shopped till we dropped!
*Aidan was in San Diego for a basketball tournament...and he sent us this goofy picture from the beach!  Love him!
*Finley's 3rd grade awards ceremony was very nice and very QUICK!  He had another great year.
*Wednesday the 29th was B's actual birthday and of course we celebrated with DONUTS!!
*Friday Haley and I had a photo shoot for our biz and then we set out for Canton!!  Another post with all the hairy details coming soon!!
*We celebrated B's family dinner at Chili's...AND the waitstaff sang to her!!  She loved it and all the presents!! :)  Happy 7th Birthday baby girl!
*ANNNND...we made the decision to sell our house and buy in a new neighborhood.  The house will have enough bedrooms for everyone!!  Whoop!!

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