Monday, August 17, 2015

3 Months....WHAAAAT?!

I'm not sure there has ever been a longer break on my blog.  Seriously.  Pathetic.  I mean I could give, we moved at the end of July, into my Grandma's house, without my computer and access to all my photos; we are still trying to sell our house (hopefully this Friday); we are building a new house; my dear friend Haley has been recovering from surgery and I've been helping her; my kids won't leave me alone...OR they hog the computer; I'm trying to find a job (for M/W/F); I'm trying to not lose my mind errrday.  BUTTTTT I won't use excuses.  I just haven't made time for ye old blog!  But we have now set up my computer at my Gma's house, and pictures are accessible now!!  Whoop!  So I will be back at blogging.  I have ALL the confidence.  Yup.  Mhm.  I am on it!

This post was just to catch you up on the goings on of the Tremaine crew.

But I want to give a shout out to my Grandma and parents.

My parents have been so great about keeping the kiddos for me when I need them to.  They've just been so patient and I can't say how much peace of mind that gives me.  

My Grandma has so graciously opened up her home to our GINORMOUS huge little family...and we will never be able to thank her enough for her generosity, love and help!!  We are so blessed by her.

And we can't NOT have a picture, right?!

I cannot believe that in a week that little one will be starting Kindergarten., sobbing may ensue.  And that big one almost 6ft tall.  He's 13.  It's like he's growing up and making me feel old just to spite me.  Twit.  I mean....I love him so, that sweet angel of mine, who thinks it's funny to stand next to me and stick his armpit on top of my head.

Happy Monday night all!!!

Shoutout to Dalene!!  Thanks for still reading the blog after all this time! :)


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