Tuesday, August 18, 2015

June 2015

Hello June!!  You were a busssssssy one!  But lots of fun was had for sure!

*June 2nd I painted my front door red and continued preparing our house to be put on the market.  What a task....it did help me purge, organize and finally have a minimalist look I really like!
*While getting ready for the photographer to come and take professional pics of the house I straigtened like a mad woman.  Seeing the pics of B and O's room makes me a little sad.
*June 5th was the last day of school and these two were ready!!!
*June 8th we headed over to Ashlee's pool for some swim fun!!  Breslyn loves her some Camille!
*That week we also started our church's VBS program at a local park!!  It wasn't crazy hot, the wind didn't blow ALL of our crafts away and the kids were very good...much better than last year!;)  It makes my heart so happy to see Joey and Aidan get involved in VBS.  :))
*June 10th Joey and I celebrated 15 years of marriage!!  We had a nice day date and discussed our wonderful life together!  Haha!  Love you babe!

*June 12th B got a BIGGGG haircut!!  I love it and she looks precious in it....I think I've given up on her long locks, but I will NEVER give up on her bows!!
*The rest of June was spent on vacation....we hit up Maumelle, Arkansas, Fall Creek Falls, Chattanooga and Franklin, TN!!!  It was a long trip, but always so wonderful to see family!!  A few highlights from the trip---LOTS of pool time--the kids and I hiked the falls this year (1.5 miles down).  I was so so proud to have done it.  (I paid for it later with a jacked up knee and weeks of pain)--I discovered these awesome pics of my mom and my favorite aunt as well as a pic of me from about 20 years ago--we hit up a favorite restaurant, Pucketts, in beautiful Franklin.  I wish Joey would have been able to join us, but he had to work.  :(
*We rounded out the month with going to a birthday party for a sweet girl from our church.
*June 29th both Breslyn and Owen started Tennis camp!!  Owen was TIRED by the end of each day! :)  B had a great time, and will probably want to do it again soon!!

Phew...June.is.done!  :))))

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  1. You realize that now you're going to guilt me into catching up on the blog. Thanks for that.