Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fun Beach Memories

I realized I never posted any of our beach vacation pics (just the posed ones) here we go!!

We got to Gulf Shores SUPER late Monday night...but we were all still excited to get into our condo!!

And some decor pics:

We got up each morning and had a huge breakfast...this was my morning to cook!!

Yay....time for the BEACH!!!  I really didn't get very many pictures because I was worried about getting sand in my good camera!  So here are the ones I did get!

My gorgeous mother and lovely Grandmother...

Look at that face!!!  She loved it!!

Where the ocean hit the sand was so turbulent....the waves would definitely knock you down...and then later after twisting and turning in this muck, you would find GOBS of sand in every SINGLE crevice of your body!!!  

Joey......Grandpa......and Aidan

This is the only picture I got of him playing in the sand....we were very blessed that while the big "kids" played in the ocean, my Grandma kept watch over the littles on the shore!!

 Then we visited the indoor pool....nice and toasty in there!  Ha!!  But the kids loved it!!!

We had such a great first day there!!  More vacation pictures to come!!!

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