Thursday, July 18, 2013

LOVE: Ballet Performance 2013

The theme for Breslyn's dance recital this year was LOVE.  I have to admit...last year I was not impressed with the raunchy music and movements.  There was on occasional dance that was beautiful and lyrical, but overall I was not happy.  This year was so much better!!  The music was more appropriate and the dancing was definitely better!

Here are pictures from the dress rehearsal and after the performance!  Enjoy!

First up...tap.  They danced to "Say Hey, I Love You"....

I was lucky enough to have a very friendly face down in the "dungeon" with me this year...Jennifer...feminist, activist, lawyer!!  She and I grew up in the same church. 

And her little daughter Jocelyn...

This song was "La Vie En Rose" put on by the Company {the girls that go to competition}..and it was MAGNIFICENT!!  I loved it...this picture does not do it justice!

A few numbers later, it was B's turn!!!  She was a little nervous, but did so great!  

I wish I could show you a video of her little shake is PRECIOUS!!  

And then we had a long break before our next performance...which was ballet!  

Ring around the rosy...

They danced to "I Love Getting Dressed for Tea".  It was so sweet, and right up Breslyn's alley.  She loves anything Disney princess or dress up!!

Then she hurried back down to change for the finale...into her company shirt and black pants!!

The following day after the actual recital:

It was a bit bright, she was a bit cranky tired and shortly after this Owen threw up in the car!  Overall it was a great FULL day!!!

Thank you to all our family who came out to support B!!

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