Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Sickness and Musings...

The dreaded stomach bug has entered our house, settled in and gotten nice and cozy. {So how come the day after I prayed to God to graciously spare our house of sickness this coming season...did this happen? I mean really? Often it seems that when I specifically pray for something, or for something to not happen, it seems God does exactly opposite of what I want. Now I know I can ask some very selfish things, but this isn't/wasn't one of them....I want my household to be healthy. Let me just lay this out for you....if one of us gets sick, WE ALL GET SICK!!! So can you imagine why I pleaded with God to keep away the germs?! I'm just making an observation...but why, why does he allow it to happen....I almost feel as if my "request" has been spit on. I dunno...I will try not to linger on the issue.} Anyways, I had an upset tummy all weekend, but starting Sunday afternoon Owen threw up....and then Aidan and then Breslyn during the night. {As of now Joey nor Finley have gotten sick...although when Finn went to bed he said his tummy hurt.} So today with Joey's help we have cuddled, coddled, cleaned, disinfected, laundered, made beds, etc. Breslyn and Owen have both thrown up on me my hair, down my bra, on my shirt.

They are all peacefully sleeping....I hope they continue sleeping soundly and that nothing comes out either end of their poor tired bodies.


I am desperately trying to come with ideas on how to decorate my mantle for Fall. I am pooooor at the moment, so whatever I use has to be something I already have. I have seen numerous ideas online...{i love decorating blogs}....and I think I feel even more overwhelmed. I need to stop looking and just do something. I just want it to be perfect. What to do, what to do?

Pumpkins, wheat, candlesticks, OH MY!! I really enjoy having a mantle to decorate numerous times during the year. I especially love to decorate it come Christmas time. Unfortunately this year I will have a wee bit of a problem....two years ago I finally splurged on brand new matching stockings for our family...well, two years ago all we needed were 5, and now we need 6!! Ugh!! I got them at Hobby Lobby {on sale..whooop}, but they don't carry them anymore {Booo}. So this year I have to make a decision on the stockings....replace them all, or just buy one new one. Hmmmm.

I will focus on my Fall mantle decor right now....okay after I brainstorm a little more!!! Ha!

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  1. Maybe you & Breslyn could have stockings alike, but would complement the others? Just a thought. Love you!