Friday, September 6, 2013

First Day of School!!

So last Monday was the first day of school for my three older kiddos.  I loved the idea of taking pics with SOMETHING that said what grade they were going into.  So I found these on Pinterest, printed them out and went with it!!

Aidan was NOT so thrilled with this idea...but he was way happier when I said we were taking them in front of the house instead of AT school....seriously?  He really thought I would do that to him?!  I am way too cool for that! ;)

Then it was Finley's turn.  

Then B...who tried to keep her eyes open {she kept saying it was too bright}...even if the sun was barely out!!

So I drove Aidan to the bus stop....and he quickly got out.  I barely got in an "I love you" and "Have a good day!"  Then we waited....and waited...the middle school bus was SUPER late.  But eventually he got on the bus...and I snapped a few pics.  I think will be the last time he lets me do that.  He might have been slightly embarrassed.  But I'm the's what I do! ;)

Then we were off to school.....

Joey took Finn on up to his class (without the camera) and I dropped off B!  She was thrilled to be there and I was happy for her happiness!!

And then Joey, Owen, Keegan (bff's little boy) and I had a day to do laundry, eat lunch out and maybe cry...a little.

Then it was time to pick the little rugrats up!!!  Mrs. S giving B a goodbye nuzzle!!  I didn't get a pic of Finn because he didn't come out with his class....they just shoved him out there to wait with B (whom I already had...weird).  

Aidan had a good day as well.  I pray that each day they are this excited about going to school!! ;)

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