Thursday, September 19, 2013

Photo Dump...Blah, blah, blah

I should really come up with a better title, but I got nuthin.

So this was my week last week...
B was home sick from school (so that makes two Mondays in a row that she was home throwing up!).  She was puny, but not TOO puny to play a little Connect Four!!

She's TOTALLY cheating in this pic!!!  She is preventing my disc from blocking her win!!  Little sneak!!

I was especially productive this day...I tackled a wall I'd been meaning to "homey" up for a while.  I am going to add some things to the window, but even plain I LOVE it!! 

Church Wednesday night...B got to hold Baby D!!  He is in the foster system so all you get is this awesome disguise!! Ha!  B and Owen just love Baby D!  He is a precious little boy!

At school on Thursday we made a little craft...which made us the kids look like they had Smurf hands!! Ha! 

We are doing a new program at preschool called Stretch and Grow.  This was Owen's class...he is laying down in the center...he LOVES this class so much!  

Grandpa and Uncle Zach came and got the kids to go boating Thursday night...but before they could leave the besties kiddos had to try out the boat first!

Owen...and his mustache...enough said.

Don't be deceived by this pic...they look like they are just hanging out on the couch...but I took this at approximately 6:30 Friday morning.  Owen asked Aidan to read to him, which he did!!!  B leaned in to listen as well.  Aidan is a good big brother!  Melt my heart!

And there you have it!  Another exciting week in the life of Ashley!!  Hahahaha!!  What a joke!  Have a great Friday y'all!!

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