Friday, September 13, 2013

Phone Dump...MY First Week at School

Just me...chillaxin...I knew what was coming my way, and I decided to relax to the max! cheesy!!

 Last Sunday Sept 1st was promotion Sunday at our church!!  Aidan moved to youth and Obug moved to preschool...boohoo!!  My babies are growing WAY too fast!!!  Here is B and Owen with their SS teacher, Mrs. Jerri!!

Sunday afternoon Ashlee and I spent a little time together.  We went to Garden Ridge and Buy Buy Baby....just looking...for no one in particular....or at least not till the person finally mentions on her blog that she is preggers (NOT me)!! 

Then we hit up our FAVORITE restaurant of choice lately....Olive Garden...mmmm!!  I could really stand some bread and salad RIGHT NOW!!

Monday was Labor Day...or one more day to get ready for the busy/stressful week ahead! B all ready for school!!  Love her bunches!!!  I will do a post on the Fall Mantle (ignore this pic of it because it has changed!!!).

Tuesday night was Open House at Grace Place!!  It went great!!  Here are a few pics of my mostly finished classroom!!

Then it was the big day....First Day of Preschool!!!

Seriously...what is up with THAT smile?!!

I snapped this pic of him listening to the Bible cute!!  Love him!!

So....after a very VERY long and HARD day I came home discouraged and exhausted!  But life moves on, ya know!!  As soon as all the kiddos made it home we headed to B's first day of tumbling!!!!  I was so proud of her!  She just got out there, giggled and loved it!!  Yay!

THEN... we rushed home to meet my mom!  She stayed with all the littles while I took Aidan up to the middle school for Open House.  He was absolutely thrilled to play host for his mommy!!  ;)  I followed his mumbling voice down each corridor, into each of his classrooms, to his locker (which I MADE him open...just for grins!), to the band hall and back again.  

For the record, Thursday was TOO MUCH for this momma...but I muddled through and I'm glad I did!  The hubs has been working a bit of overtime at work, so I decided I would hang out with Ashlee Friday night.  It was glorious...the two of us cuddled up on her couch.  We didn't have much to say...just two hours worth!!  Teehee!  During that time K made a Lego contraption and I snapped a pic!!  He was pretty proud! 

So that was my first week back!  I'm thrilled it's over!  Haha!  Hope you have a great weekend!!

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