Saturday, September 7, 2013

Photo Dump - First Week of School

I know that I've been posting a lot of photos lately...but I need to.  I do have so much to write about...things swirling around in my brain, but I am not ready to post on those things...SO... we forge ahead with MORE pics!!! ;)

We (Joey, myself, Keegan and Owen) decided to walk around Target and eat at my favorite restaurant (Chuy's) to ease my sadness!

Second day...RIDING THE SCHOOL BUS day!!  I knew it would be more difficult for me this day.  Joey was gone, and I was no longer in control.  B was getting on that bus, and I was no longer in charge.  We have grilled Finn on how absolutely important it is for him to take care of her...get her to class or the gym after getting off the bus.  And so far, he has done an EXCELLENT job!! 

Fuzzy picture...but do you see it?  Finn's hand on his sisters backpack...doing his big brother duties...ah, I could cry!!  So sweet!

Then just like that....they were gone.  sniff, sniff....

 Then it was time for them to come home (ya know...8 hours later!!)!  They were as excited as ever!!

Third day of school....wearing a SUPER CUTE skirt that my mom made.  I bought the shirt at Children's Place in the mall, and asked her to make some bottoms!!  Love the outfit so much!!

Fourth day of school...sporting her new Lake Pointe t-shirt!!!  I promise I do love all my kids...even if I'm not taking their pics everyday...but let's face it: Aidan doesn't want me to take his picture, and Finn could care less (even though this day he was wearing his new school t-shirt as well).

Fifth day of school..."Wear your favorite college colors" day.  I even included Owen on this.  He loves his big brothers and sissy, so why not dress like them?!  ;)

And there you have it...the first week of school in pics!!!  It was a great week, and I am so glad they enjoyed it! ;)

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  1. You survived! They survived! Mrs S survived! Call it a win.