Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Stomach Bug... OF.THE.DEVIL.  I have no doubt, the stomach bug should be referred to as Lucifer Jr!

My poor, pathetic, precious family is suffering from this life-sucking disease!!!  Yep, better way to describe it.

It's not just the pukin' and poopin''s the headaches and body aches and CrAnKiNeSs!!  It's the laying around for days yet still not feeling rested.  It's the sleeping for 20 hours only to wake up just as sick as when you fell asleep.  It's the "I've been watching movies 2 days straight...I cannot take another Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode ever again!!!"  It's the I can't drag myself to the shower to even run water over the stench that is my body.  It's the "I don't care what you eat for              !  Just go pick something out of  the pantry.  Marshmallows?  Fine."  It's the fact that pillows, blankets, sippy cups, gatorade bottles and trash cover the floor in each room.  It's the I had to have a trash can for myself to throw up I stole Finley's thinking he was over it...only for him to throw up all over his floor during the night...and NOT come tell me!!!  It's the desire to JUST.FEEL.BETTER.

I really hate it...and

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