Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanful Days 23-30

{because I am so far behind and it IS December, I am going to be short and sweet with the rest of my days!! Ha!}

November 23rd: I am thankful for the opportunity to gather together with family for this wonderful holiday {and eat till our pants pop a button}!

November 24th: I am thankful for gummy smiles and chunky thighs {not on me of course!! Haha!}

November 25th: I am thankful for bows, tutus, tights, crochet hats, flowers, pink, pink and more pink!! I feel so incredibly blessed to be the mother of a daughter {and all the fun things that come along with having a daughter!}

November 26th: I am thankful for glasses, patches, dinosaurs, books, legos, cars, Wii, DSi, Leapsters, dragons and even dirt. I am also so very blessed to be the mother of 3 boys {and all the fun things that come along with that!}

November 27th: I am thankful for movies. I love that I can escape from reality and slip into fantasy even for just a little while.

November 28th: I am thankful for chocolate..yummo!

November 29th: I am thankful for PBS, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network...for entertaining my children when I am drained and need a break.

November 30th: I am thankful for another day to dream, love and live.


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