Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Berry Centerpiece

So here is my beautiful berry centerpiece!! It was so easy to assemble and it makes such a statement on our dining room table. I've gotten lots of sweet comments on it too...okay mostly from my mom, but still!! Hahaha!!

First gather your supplies:
a box of small ornaments
a box of large ornaments
tinsel in coordinating colors to your ornaments
fake snow
berry picks
mason jars
{all the above can be purchased at Hobby Lobby}

Take your mason jars and just start stuffin'!! Big ornament, small ornament, dust snow, and throw in some tinsel...super duper easy!!

There ya have it...super easy!! Here are some more pics before I put the ribbon on:

I used different textures and tied different bows for each jar...to give each their own special look.

This was one of my first purchases at an antique store...$5..not bad I think!!

Now place your jars in a pattern and sit back and enjoy your beauties!!

Hope you have enjoyed the easy tutorial!! This centerpiece is so beautiful and I love getting to look at it every day!!


  1. Gorgeous! The red is a great pop of color and it looks so festive for the holiday!

  2. Love the red and white colour theme, they look great. I also love the idea of the window they are sitting on. It gives a lot of structure to the arrangement.

  3. Very cute, I love those red berry branch things.

  4. I loved the vases, I loved the berries, I loved the ribbon. THEN you put them on such a delightful window and I LOVED it!

  5. What a lovely centerpiece! Love this idea!

  6. I love them placed on the window. Very clever!

    Miranda, Just Drink a Coke.