Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The De-Clutter Dare of 2013!!

Ohhh...that title sounds so ominous and foreboding!!  

Just kidding!!  :} One of my goals for the new year is to de-clutter my home.  And I've decided to keep track of everything I get rid of...you can follow along or if you are feeling overwhelmed by your own home just jump right on in and begin your purge!!!  Please let me know if you decide to do so..and how it's going!!  

So this morning Joey and I (at his prompting) tackled our closet (mind you I did this a few months ago).  SOMEHOW we were able to purge and purge and purge!!!  

Here are our numbers:
37 shirts
10 dress shirts
5 shorts
3 suit jackets
11 pants
11 sweaters
for a grand total of 77 items of clothes!!

Misc items:
2 pairs of shoes
2 purses
1 sheet set
1 bed skirt
for a total of 6 misc. items!

And do you want to know the SAD part....our closets are still full!!  We could probably get rid of more.  Joey was a trooper and really purged...maybe even too much.  Right now his dresser only has 6 t-shirts in it.  I told him I only do laundry on Monday...if you run out, you go neked!!  

So, not a bad start to the De-Clutter Dare of 2013!!  Stay tuned for more updates!!  Hopefully I will take more pics of the upcoming purges...I can't today because as I type this Joey is dumping our load at a local drop box!!!

{A little secret....if felt SO GOOD to get rid of it all!!  I am itching to go do more!  Weird huh??!}

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