Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 18

Day 18 of CONSTANT sickness in this house.  I would like to say that I'm handling it well, but I would be lying to myself.  Yesterday...not a good day.  Yelling, crying, calling out to God...all by me mind you!!

I had big plans yesterday of being productive.  Even if I was stuck at home caring for sickies, I was gonna get some awesome things done.  Well as the day went on and the biggest kid cried over taking meds and the smallest kid threw up all over my living room floor, being productive went out the window.  I did get ONE thing done...pretty excited about it too.  My mantle is almost ready to be revealed.  This year I decided not to do a White Winter mantle...I just skipped right on to Valentine's Day!  I am so grateful for my bff Ashlee and her encouragement when it comes to decorating.  She has shown me even the tiny holiday's need attention and can be fun!!

Anywhoo....I've chosen today to use the strength the Lord provides me everyday to be productive.  I will tackle the nasty bathroom, I will finish my mantle, I will put away that last Christmas tree, I will NOT LOSE MY MIND OR MY TEMPER.  Today I will not raise my voice at my sweet kids.

And I hope to purge a few more areas in my home.  I think we are going to have to make a dump run why not fill up a few more bags of crap trash and get rid of it?!!

Here I go!!!

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