Monday, January 14, 2013

DCD 2013: Part II

I'm sure that title isn't at all hard to understand!!!  Ha!  DCD (De-Clutter Dare)...just in case you've forgotten my mission for the year!

The past week or so I've slowly been bringing in all our tubs from the garage and attic....and I have decided something....

I SO BEYOND APPRECIATE the generosity of all the people who have donated/handed down/given clothes to my kids, but the time has come to go through them and get down to the basics!!  I was a little overwhelmed at the task....I brought in multiple tubs for each size that Owen and Finley will be growing into....and slowly I weeded through each and every piece.  One huge positive to getting rid of all these clothes is that I have a great SIL to pass them onto (she's the one having triplets soon!!!).

So here are a few pictures of the great DCD 2013: Tub Time!! { are absolutely NOT allowed to judge the dirty carpet, hangers, couch cushions askew, pitchers, books or cars!!!}  

and now....FOUR ginormous bags of clothes (and still adding to them)!!!

Two totes each for 3T, 4T and 5T (summer/spring and fall/winter).  

I really have a lot more to go through starting at size 6...I hope plan will get through those this week(end)!!!

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