Friday, May 24, 2013

Wizard of Oz Party Part I {ZOO}

Wednesday we celebrated Breslyn's "Wizard of Oz" 5th birthday at the Fort Worth Zoo...this is the first of a couple of parties...after all turning 5 is a REALLY big deal!!! ;)

I think B had a GREAT time! {Minus being the third wheel at her own party...:( broke my heart a lot little when she wasn't a part of the hand holding/arm in arm/neck hugging that went on.  The other two little girls are precious, and well-behaved, and probably closer I understand why B was the third wheel...but it still made me sad.}

I was so lucky to have Gaga join us...I know it meant a lot to Bres!  Thanks mom!

Here are a few pics from the fun day!!  

Tatum, Breslyn and Karington....

Can you see their little headbands I posted about earlier?  Tatum is a bear, B is a lion (even though she was Dorothy as well) and Karington is a Tiger!!

Time to celebrate....the big #5!!!  

She got two great gifts!!  She was in awe of her new Tangled doll...her hair turns colors!!!  So fun!!

Gaga the cart-pusher, stuff holder, fun-maker!!

We rode the little train from the very back of the zoo back to the front.  It felt so great to ride and feel the wind on our faces.  The weather was PERFECT!!!  It could have been so much hotter...and it was just great!  Thank you Lord!

I love you B....and hope you had a wonderful time at the zoo!!  
Happy Early Birthday big girl!!!
Love, Momma

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