Thursday, May 2, 2013

God Moments

A few God moments....

Last night at Bible study we heard Priscilla Shrirer speak (on a dvd) and she was so great and so HILARIOUS!!!  I really enjoyed hearing her talk.  She spoke on God being ABLE.  How not only is He able, but ABLE to SURPRISE us!!  Yes ma'am He does surprise...and what a blessing that can be!!

Last night on our way home from church Aidan reminded me that we could have had Papa John's half price pizza {because the awesome Texas Rangers had scored more than 7 runs in the previous nights game}.  I looked at him and told him that I had considered that deal around 4:30....but then I felt God remind me of all the money I had just spent on groceries...and I was immediately convicted.  Aidan seemed to truly "get" what I was saying and I was so glad.  I told him that situation was a temptation for me, but I knew God would be proud of me for making the correct choice...being a good stewart of His money!  I love little God moments like that where I can pour into my kids the truths of God!!

Priscilla's message of God being ABLE to do so much more that I can EVER imagine was still on my brain when I woke up this morning.  As I showered I praised Him and thanked HIm for all that He does do for me and my family.  I felt SO GREAT and that feeling continued into my busy morning.  I got to work and had a major surprise....our class would be combining with the other 3 year old class for the day....26 three and four year olds all in one room!!!  I stepped up, along with my AWESOME co-teacher, Mollie, and a wonderful sub, Katie...and we had a great day.  But I really don't think I could've gotten through that and be happy about it if I hadn't prayed this morning.  God really is ABLE to SURPRISE!!  LOVE HIM!!

As for that crazy day of teaching 26 kids, it has worn me out and I believe it is time to go lay my head down to sleep...after all it is 8:45!!  Teehee!! ;)

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