Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Friday...Mostly!

So yay for Friday!!  Boo for still being sick.  I went to the doc this morning and I have an Upper Respiratory Infection...which we all know means "you are sick, but we can't really call it anything, but you need meds to get better, so we will pick a random antibiotic and hope it works."  Haha!!  Anyways, URI or not, I needed the meds...which I am off to pick up in just a few minutes!!

I had to take Breslyn, Owen and Keegan with me to the doctor appointment...they were GREAT!!  So proud of them!  And while we are picking up ALL my meds, they get to pick out Lunchables!!

I have a lot on my mind...things I need to plan, things I need to make, parties I need to finish planning, closets I need to purge {I promise their will be a "Great Declutter Dare of 2013" post coming soon}, grocery lists I need to general I just have so much to do....which only compounds when I am sick.  So I am praying that the antibiotic AND steroids do their job SUPER quick!!! ;)

Can't have a picture-less post so.....

Have a great Friday Friends!!!

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