Monday, April 15, 2013

Stupid Sad Movie

So maybe I'm just a little extra emotional for some hormonal reason...but I have just been so sad today....all because my babies are growing up too fast. :(

My little man just turned 3 and he is learning and doing so much lately.  He's just growing way too fast.  I don't want him to lose that innocence, those chubby cheeks, that waddle in his walk.  :(

And my little girl is about to turn 5, and that alone makes me want to boo hoo a LOT!!  She can't wait to go to big school and Kindergarten!!  That's right...she can't wait to get away from me!!  Ha!  I know that isn't true, but still.  :(

And of course today Toy Story 3 just happened to be on....I had forgotten how bittersweet that movie is!  I did my best to hold it together at the end when Andy's mom is hugging him goodbye...then when Andy drops off all his childhood toys at the little girl's house.  Then he just.drives.away.  I know B was wondering why I was crying, but she didn't ask...she was a little interested in the movie. :(

I'm choking back tears now as I type. :(

I love those little boogers so much. :)


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