Monday, September 1, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of August 3rd

We had a relaxing family Sunday...and it started with this...he needed to clean the windows.  I needed to get him better fitting undies!  Ha!!

Then we went and had Chuy's for lunch!!

That afternoon they were watching a movie together on the Kindle and little man fell asleep!  It was precious!

 Monday I watched Ashlee's crew while she worked.  Finn was at Robot Camp and B was with Gaga for her camp.  So it was just Aidan, Finn, Josh, Keegan and little Camille!  The boys played so well together!!  Board Games for everyone!  Ha!

 I picked up Finn from camp and he was slightly EXCITED!! :)  He loved it and couldn't wait to go back!

That night was football camp for Aidan!!!!!!!  What?!!!  My baby is playing football?  I know it's not really a surprise, but is he old enough for this?  My stomach was in knots!  Knots!!!

 I planned on just dropping him off, but after seeing the sea of players I decided to stay and watch.  I loved it....Owen, not so much.  He sat and watched attentively at first...

 ...then proceeded to throw himself down on the bleacher floors!!!  He was HOT, TIRED, HUNGRY and super CRANKY!

Tuesday Robot Camp....

Thursday...luckily Joey was able to make it for the parent time and watch the tournaments!!

Thursday trombone practice...he's turning into his Grandpa...only goofball faces when I take his picture!

I tackled this cute and easy project this week.  It is just an old Coca Cola crate that I filled with markers, crayons, glue sticks and the like.  Now the kids won't have to scour the cabinets when the they need them!  

Gaga sent me a sneak peak of B's camp!!  She is the kitty on the right!  

Saturday I began painting the master bedroom!  I worked hard, but I'm thrilled with the progress...especially when I look at that bottom pic!!!!  Yikes AND nasty!  We need a headboard desperately!!  Thank goodness for new paint that can be scrubbed with a sponge and water!!  Stupid builder grade flat paint! :/

The weeks are flying by....

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