Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Birthday...Here's to Chemo!!

I was able to take my dad to his chemo treatment on August 12th...which just happened to be his birthday.  What a way to celebrate!  I think it downright sucked to have to spend the day that way...but I was honored to be there and watch the whole process.  

 Why yes, my dad wore his birthday hat!!  

This week we would see the doctor, so we carried along a notepad, tablet and pens.  As well as his fanny pack that he has to wear for 3 days after chemo.  

 You can just see his scar/incision/port entry on his chest...

I watched intently as the nurse got everything together...and we were lucky enough to have an extra visitor with dad's friend Dennis!!  He is a hoot, and exactly who you want to have around when you are feeling down.

I didn't catch a picture of my dad wincing.  My dad is strong and doesn't complain about pain a I knew when he said that it "hurts" to get the needle put into his port, that it must really hurt!!  He winced all right, but was still so brave!  

{better pics with my big camera}

And then after the drugs to keep him hydrated, anti-nausea and other such things, 
it was time for THE drug.  :((

My dad....the goofball with that silly grin every time I try and take his picture!!!  But he is also amazing and definitely my hero.  He sat there and acted like this was no big deal, and while I'm sure there comes a point that this will seem like old hat, it is still scary and raw and real.  

I love you dad.  #fightcancer 

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