Friday, September 26, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of Aug 31st

Sunday we went over to the Szymanski's for a YUMMY dinner...and apparently dress up!  First Owen was a shirtless pirate then a shirtless Spiderman!! :)))  Then they all headed to our house for games!!  

Monday was Labor no school!  I decided to start my fall mantle.  What?!!  My Fall Mantle has to go up early because I will take it down November 1st...when I begin putting up Christmas!  So there!

Monday afternoon Owen, B and I went to sweet Brie's birthday party!!  We all had a great time celebrating this special girl!

Thursday came and it was time for Owen's first day of Pre-K pic!!  My sweet goofball!  I love him so much!!

Thursday night was Open House at Wayside...this was the ONLY picture I could get of Aidan.  He was less than thrilled.  

Afterwards Joey headed to a men's bible study...and Aidan told me he needed help with homework.  English?  History?  Geography?  Even Science for goodness sake?  NOPE it was MATH!!  My most dreaded fear....a little backstory....he brought home math homework in 2nd grade.  I got so frustrated over it I sat at the kitchen table and cried because I couldn't do flippin 2nd grade math!!  So here we are 5 years later.  I calmly sat down with my paper, pencil bright orange marker and his notes and Aidan and I proceeded to do his homework.  This picture is proof that I CAN do math (but don't look super close...there are errors as well)!!!  Ha!!  I was on cloud nine after we were done!!  

Friday...some Camille time for the kiddos!!  Afterwards Finn and Owen spent the night with Gaga and Gpa!

Saturday Grandma, B and I went shopping.  Grandma was so generous to buy me some awesome new clothes!! :)  Then we met up with my brother and the boys!  Yummy Don Pablos!  

Then we hung out at Grandma's till 4ish....on our way home we stopped at Hob Lob and looked at the amazing Christmas items!!  Yay!!

Christmas AND chevron?  Two of my favorites together!!!! 

Just as we checked out it began to POUR down buckets of rain!  We had to run to the car and we got DRENCHED!! 

While at Hob Lob I bought some chevron burlap ribbon and 3 sunflower stems and whipped this wreath together!!  I love it so much!  It makes me happy every time I see it! 

 Happy September friends!!  

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