Saturday, October 4, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of Sept 7th

Sunday was Breslyn's very first Lord's Supper!!  I love these precious little hands and the face she made after eating the little cracker.  She was not impressed with the lack of taste!  Ha!

After church we went out to lunch at Pizza Hut!

Tuesday was Aidan's first game!!!  It was amazing and you can see more HERE!

Wednesday I wore my new owl shirt to Ladies Bible Study!  I love this shirt...and so does Breslyn (she and Finn are the Lake Pointe Elementary Owls)!!

Friday Owen took some pics with my phone while we were hanging at Weight Watchers!  Ha! ;)

Friday there was a great chill in the air so we played outside for a bit after school!!  Come on Fall!!

Saturday Haley dropped by for a little while...the girls (and Owen) built their own "fort"!  Ha!

Everyone is in full school mode now and we are finally in a groove!!  Yay for schedules!! :)

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